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Top-Flight Refund Policy

For Classes:

We send email reminders of class tuition one week prior to the due date, which is the 1st of the month. If you do not request a drop either online or via email before the due date and class tuition is taken out of your account then it can only be refunded in the form of Top-Flight credit for future use.



For Birthday Parties:

Birthday parties are non-refundable. A party may be re-scheduled as long as we are given at least 4 weeks notice of the change.


If the gym is open and available for use and we have to cancel the party then we will either refund the party or re-schedule the party (your choice). If we have to cancel due to force majeure (an event due to nature that is outside of our control), then we will credit your account and you may use those funds however you would like (future birthday party, classes, bootcamp, etc).

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